Anima Healing Guide


Clear away all the blocks to your attracting power
Retrain your thoughts and energy to attract exactly what you want into your life
Become a magnet for magic
Start new journey
Restart your Anima

I started this journey when I could no longer enter and exit my own body, as from an empty room. The energy I had drawn from the land of my ancestors was being extinguished by the discord of my thoughts and body, overloaded by too much information. On this journey, I started barefoot, with an empty heart and a wounded Anima.


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Ticket for Soul travel

This is second edition of Anima Healing guide. One of the best days of your life is the day on which you decide your life is yours. No more hiding, self-sabotage or excuses. No others to cling to or blame. This moment in time is yours. The doors of opportunities are endless. A magical journey has begun, and you fully understand that you hold the key to the unfolding of it.