Healing Depths


People always strive for progress in life, health, relationships, and career. The program offers you an opportunity to connect with the things you love, experience a journey into your own depths, access a source that heals the mind-soul-body, revealing your story to you.

Use the power of nature


In the program, the expansiveness and serenity of nature are utilized to support the client in their challenges, fears, conflicts, and desires. With special working methods and natural elements, more intuitive solutions are reached much faster. Research has shown that we humans find it easier to think and talk about emotional topics when we are in motion and in the fresh air. Your metabolism is activated, you are active – and only this can lead to a different perspective on your life. However, healing in nature can also be integrated into the existing process of our sessions as an additional element.

Our lives are shaped by responsibility and things that drive us to focus on anything but our inner essence. We find ourselves in a time when most people have distanced themselves from themselves without even being aware of it. Perhaps you feel it within yourself and long to connect with your truth. The forest and the sea caress our souls more strongly than anything else. For thousands of years, sages and seers have used their awareness as a tool to explore their inner worlds, and connecting with nature has been one of the powerful tools of consciousness access. You will learn how to find answers in the deepest essence of yourself and access the source of love. By staying in the forest or on the seashores, we learn again to trust our bodies and listen to their needs. We begin to appreciate what our body does for us as we listen to the leaves, feel the earth, feel the pulse within us and around us, breathing deeply and often in the process of awakening. The integrity of our body becomes much more important to us because we no longer want to be without the positive effects that nature provides us, and therefore we treat it carefully. In this way, we also develop somatic intelligence.


Everyday personal development could be achieved through gradual, small changes with significant benefits for self-growth. Healing Depths is a program that restores, balances, and transforms lives. A unique invitation for those seeking inner motivation to realize their dreams and thoughts, alleviate their fears, cultivate their minds, and develop their strengths.

Discover your new, focused, and centered inner self.


The program revitalizes you. Whether you're pursuing a demanding career or going through a life transition, it's time to take a step towards yourself and focus on what matters most – you.


Bring all of yourself. All your quirks, all your ups and downs, all the secrets of your heart - everything is welcome. Step into an oasis of good health and awareness with a transformative approach where you'll have space for renewal and resetting.


There's so much to explore about ourselves, others, and the world. We learn through new experiences. Inner peace and resilience are the keys to a happy life.


The world is complicated. We always strive to remove the noise and focus on what truly matters.


What makes us unique should be celebrated. Let's be people who "add" to the beauty of existence and the world - not people who "fit in".

In the program, I invite you to slow down, drop into your body, and feel the mental strength. It will be deeply nourishing and reconnect you with yourself.

We start the days with simple but powerful breathing. Then I'll guide you gently through practical healing processes that are easy to follow. We'll finish each process gently, indulging in restorative relaxation as we learn about ourselves.


Refuge for hardworking individuals, lacking healthy boundaries, emotionally drained, and dissatisfied with their relationships.

This is your journey of recalibration.

Are you tired?



Working in nature offers a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere for resolving everyday conflicts. Silence and the freshness of nature clear your mind and your emotional life. Conflictual issues in work, family, and partnership can be seen from a certain distance. Moreover, the expanse of nature allows you a new "space" to view your concerns from different angles. In today's world, we are simultaneously exposed to many things. Long-term, this can be a heavy burden and a challenge to our sensitivity. Would you like to slow down your life with the help of mindfulness techniques? To rejuvenate your creativity and intuition?

Healing Depths™ focuses on treatments for the well-being of the body and mental health. Enjoy peace, connect with nature, and adopt completely new practices.

Discover mental health, find inner peace, giving yourself the opportunity to temporarily detach from city life. Enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape, breathe fresh air, and nourish your cells.

Listen to your inner self.


The program runs from 9:30 AM to 6 PM and takes place in the heart of the forest.
We recommend arriving the evening before and resting after the program, as it is very intensive.
Accommodation is available in a hotel located in the heart of the forest.
Rooms are mostly double occupancy.
Breakfast at the hotel.
Materials for processes provided.
The environment is peaceful, enchanting, inviting to creation, self-renewal, and relaxation.


  • Two nights + breakfast €1600
  • Program only €1222

For couples:

  • Two nights + breakfast €1300 (per person)
  • Program only €1111 (per person)

Not included in the price:

Arrival and departure arrangements, which you organize independently.

Travel health insurance (recommended).


The program runs daily from 9:30 AM to 6 PM and is very intensive. You will also have enough time for leisure activities, enjoying the sea, and exploring Mallorca.
Five nights in beautiful accommodation.
Rooms are mainly double occupancy.
Full board included.
Materials for processes provided.
The environment is tranquil, enchanting, inviting to creation, self-renewal, and relaxation.

Individual 4550 €

For couples 3500 € (p.p.)

Not included in the price:

Arrival and departure, which you organize on your own. Travel health insurance (recommended).

Information and Applications

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Appointments are available on weekdays and weekends. Expect my response within 48 hours.

For any additional questions, I am at your disposal.


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