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Mental health leads to a healthy and happy life. Personally and professionally.

When your emotions reach a point where you're ready to seek help, then the most important step has already been taken. Because no one has to go through crises alone – not even you. I will show you how you can find yourself and your abilities using your own strength with modern working methods.


Individual sessions

At the beginning, we have many questions

The most important relationship you have is with yourself. In a private, secure environment, you have the opportunity to pay attention to yourself, considering that the world around us often tends to distract us. It's incredible to witness what surfaces when we simply sit quietly. Sessions are a place of exploration, questioning, and empowerment. When we discover the story we tell ourselves and why it hurts us, we begin to unpack emotions and learn how to collectively edit the narrative of this story and arrive at more self-love, respect, empathy, connection, creativity, and clarity.


Working with a therapist is an investment in yourself, and often we give it up because of fear of the process, but the feeling is phenomenal when you start to realize and feel the results. I'll admit, in the end, it turns out that the fear of our feelings is often scarier than the feelings themselves.

When something hurts us, it means it was important to us, but verbally, we may not be able to reach the core. Through self-work, we make room for respecting what is important as we slowly empower and renew ourselves. This is the process of integrating all parts of the Self - the part in agony with the part that still finds things funny, or the part that never wants to let go, with the part that so desperately wants to move forward.


"If we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

Viktor Frankl

During sessions, we carefully trace the origins of your feelings and thoughts, who you would like to be, and ultimately construct a new image of yourselves. Our work is typically supplemented by homework assignments between sessions. You'll draw, contemplate, role-play, laugh, cry. And above all, you'll come to realize the feeling that you can give yourself more security, trust, and love.

Counseling is intended for people of all ages who want to work on themselves and strengthen their resources in order to preserve, empower, or restore their mental health. All you need to do is schedule an appointment.


My clients are people like you and me, who often reach out to me with specific problems they are currently dealing with and cannot solve or understand on their own.

  • Image of oneself, lack of inner support and self-esteem
  • Relationship with parental figure, partner, and other people
  • Emotional (romantic) or other types of dependencies
  • Working on childhood traumas and family scenarios
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Fear of criticism and judgment from others Strengthening personal boundaries
  • Lack of emotional maturity
  • Anxiety and fears Inner child - stories that accompany you
  • Professional (re)orientation
  • General dissatisfaction

Attitude towards oneself - get to know the language of the soul

We will understand ourselves through creative methods that clients especially love because it activates processes in the brain and engages (daydreams, writing, symbols, drawing, etc.).

In this way, we directly connect with changes in the brain by executing a specific algorithm step by step. In the process, there is a transformation at the level of neural connections, which will be aesthetically, in writing and/or visually depicted on a blank sheet of paper. The greatest value of a multimodal approach for me personally is the ability to self-determine:

  • You yourself create your neural structure.
  • You break old connections that limit you in life and actions.
  • Consciously form new ones that give you the necessary strength and lead you towards your goal.

In sessions, you learn to wisely deal with unpleasant events and emotionally charged situations, as well as to control your thoughts and reactions. For your brain, working with symbols is a combination of a "gym and a meditation temple." Through imaginative processes, you come to solutions and insights about yourself more quickly. These are some of the positive effects you can experience:

  • gain power over the processes in your brain
  • learn to do what you think is right, not what your brain wants
  • in sessions, we activate the collaboration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing you to quickly reach a resourceful state
  • this approach enables you to consciously engage in your life
  • through sessions, you will learn to consciously change neural connections in your head and attract the right events into your life. "Today you are what you thought yesterday."
  • writing/drawing greatly supports the release process
  • it helps you see the past from a different perspective and discover new ones by creating inner peace
  • you release old patterns of behavior and create new, successful habits

In this age of information overload, none of us finds it easy. This type of work gives you tools for the reasonable use of your personal resources and makes your everyday life easier. You form a clear subject in your consciousness, and the actions you take lead you to wholeness.

The method of working with symbols introduces you to deeper layers of the psyche, and through the therapist's guidance, you reach new solutions, resources, and the harmonization of emotions and mind.

In sessions, you can align all areas of your life. They will help you understand your thoughts, emotions, and behavior; find the right goals; and dissolve blocked mechanisms. Negative emotions, self-doubt, memories from the past, and negative experiences can be reversed and resolved through personality neuromodeling and working with inner images in just a few sessions.

Sessions with couples

Your relationship is your freedom. Some couples need more encouragement, while for others, two or three sessions are enough. Has your life changed due to relocation, work, children, and change becoming a challenge in your relationship? Has your love life quieted down? Do you argue all the time? Do you have a crisis that you can't solve on your own? These are situations many couples go through.

Challenges and tensions arise in every relationship and marriage. That's why I'm not talking about couples therapy, but about couple development. Just because your relationship is currently in crisis doesn't mean you as a person are sick. I invite you to turn the crisis into an opportunity. That's why I'm here as an expert.

What does our collaboration look like?

Every couple is different, so every developmental process is different. I'll outline the structure based on the following questions to get to know you, followed by serious work.

Where are you now?

  • What does your everyday life look like?
  • What does intimacy or tension mean to you?
  • Do you have any professional, health, or other issues affecting your relationship?

Where do you want to arrive?

  • Do you desire more vitality, more harmony, and stability?
  • Do you need more clarity, freedom, or passion?
  • Is an outside view sufficient for you, or do you need inspiration?

How to get there?

  • What resources are you already carrying with you?
  • How can you influence your way of thinking?
  • How can your loved one support you in everyday life?


Individual session - €120 / 50 minutes.

Couples counselling - €150 / 65 minutes. An additional €38 will be charged for each additional fifteen minutes.

Our sessions take place online via video call. Appointments are scheduled in the UTC+01:00 timezone (Berlin, Belgrade)! Online sessions require the following conditions: a private and quiet space for conversation and stable internet for video calls.

You can schedule a session via the calendar or contact form.

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