About me

The pen is my compass

I grew up in the beautiful town of Sombor. I spent my childhood immersed in reading and writing, and even today, when people ask me what it's like to write a book, I still don't have the right answer. Writing is either in you or it's not. When I was little, I would take my grandfather's pens and scribble on wallpapers and books.

My passions are freedom, philosophy, the opportunity to travel the world, and meeting people who follow themselves. Don't be surprised if you spot me somewhere by the sea, tousled and barefoot, creating characters for a new novel based on you. I've written two novels, several collections of stories, and a therapeutic writing manual for those who choose themselves. I've always been drawn to the human psyche, but it took me until my thirties to embark on acquiring new knowledge.

I love almonds, the scent of the sea with amber, coffee, long walks, the sweet intoxication of life after swimming, and the street of my childhood blooming with jenarike flowers. I also love the thoughts of Vladeta Jerotić, Mika Antić, Balašević, Ester Perel, and love, life stories that are better than any movie.


Since 2014, I've been living in Mainz. While studying psychology in Germany, I realized my purpose and the importance of understanding the psyche and finding ways to achieve overall well-being. By education, I am a certified psychological counselor and psychotherapist. I am a member of the German Association of Psychotherapists and Psychological Counselors (VFP).

Through training in various fields of contemporary psychotherapy and holistic approaches to the mind, soul, and body, I use a combination of targeted disciplines and perspectives to help you align your body and mind and effectively achieve your goals. I love helping people, and you will feel this through our work together.

I have supplemented my range of preventive psychological topics with holistic programs. After personally experiencing how much support women need—someone to accompany them on the path of personal growth and development—I created a program where we build skills to cope with difficulties in everyday life and maintain balance. I am the author of psychodrama workshops held online and in-person. During the pandemic, the two-year series of psychodynamic workshops has been a support to many women.

Many people go through their lives without meeting the most important person in their lives—themselves. Our lives are shaped by responsibility and things that drive us to focus on anything but our inner essence. We are living in a time when most people have distanced themselves from themselves without even realizing it. Perhaps you also feel this within yourself and crave to connect with your truth. In the programs I lead in the forests of the Palatinate and in Mallorca, together with clients, for the third year in a row, I have come to incredible insights, ease, and possibilities.


You are born within yourself and you transform words on the watermill of life... I stole my grandfather's pens, scribbled on wallpapers and books from the home library, until I first saw my own letters and characters in the newspapers.


Time gates, gifts, and realizations... dipped in the ink of the soul, I leave traces. I believe, live, and write wonderful, wild, sometimes unresolved stories.


When the itch of longing strikes, I pack my soul into a suitcase and set out barefoot to gather people across the fields of the world and get to know them over a cup of tea...


I was born when the Vojvodina bicycle turned on the fifth ray of the sun and rotated the seventh sign, that's why I've been writing for as long as I can remember.


Depth... philosophizing, accidentally spilled tea that paints paths...

sea & forest

Wandering through the treetops, I always reach the blue depths of the self, which I gather along the shores of the world...

Professional Experience

  • Conducted over 1,000 personal consultations.
  • Attended and participated in over 3,000 hours of lectures and courses.
  • Facilitated over 1,000 original psychodrama workshops for women, aiding them in overcoming emotional dependencies, strengthening personal boundaries, managing anger and fears, and fostering self-love and acceptance.
  • Since 2022, I have been building my online counseling practice and holistic programs in Rodalben and Majorca.
  • Founded the In Poise network of experts in 2023. If you are interested in networking with like-minded colleagues, you should check out our community of independent professionals.
  • Started authoring a training program for Spiritual Integrative Coaches in 2024. The goal is to empower a new generation of psychospiritual support professionals through a multimodal approach to develop their own independent counseling businesses

Education and Training

  • Diploma in Psychological Counseling based on systemic principles with specialization in communications, cognitive restructuring, and deep aspects of psychodynamic work from the University of Darmstadt.
  • Two-year training in Personal Coaching according to Dr. Migge's methodology.
  • Diploma in Psychological Consulting/Psychotherapist of Integral Psychodynamic Causal Therapy (AIPP, Russia).
  • Art therapy for stress and crisis intervention (AAT, Russia).
  • Working with landscape art in art therapy (AAT, Russia).
  • Deep Peat Processing (Serbia).
  • Su Jok and meridian therapy (ISA, Germany).
  • Access Bars Consciousness (Germany).
  • Business Communication (Executive Council of Vojvodina, Serbia).
  • Methods of working with aggression in children and adults (AIPP, Moscow).
  • Psychosomatics: theories, diagnostic methods, psychotherapy model (AIPP, Moscow).
  • Katathymic hydrotherapy for psychosomatic disorders (AIPP, Moscow).
  • Shoden Reiki Level One (Germany).
  • Okuden Reiki Practitioner (Germany).
  • Shinpiden Reiki master/teacher (Germany).
  • 200-hour Teacher Yoga program (Bodsphere, Germany).
  • The Power of Hypnosis (Germany).
  • Working with fears/Hypnosis (Germany).
  • Self-healing with hypnosis according to Dr. Preetz's methodology (Germany).
  • Continuously learning and self-improving.






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