Spiritual Integrative Coach®


Are you ready to follow your inner calling, explore a new profession, and delve into self-discovery, studying psychology, Japanese healing philosophy, various spiritual and shamanic approaches to the (ancient) soul and subtle world?

Do you dream of attending education with a holistic approach, regardless of location and at flexible times?

Would you also like to blend tangible science with spirituality, combining balanced groundedness with a sprinkle of the Universe?

Certified training for Spiritual Integrative Coach is designed for everyone looking to enhance their existing knowledge and those ready to become part of a new generation of professionals for psycho-spiritual support.

My program is intended for all seeking comprehensive and holistic training that combines several schools and aspects into one approach.


Discover yourself through deep work and soul journeys


Learn methods through which people can gain clarity about their unique strengths, define their own dreams and goals, and overcome individual obstacles. The methodology combines several approaches and aims to help individuals create a fulfilling and happy life for themselves. The training is ideal as a foundation for your coaching work. Even if you have never worked in this field before, you will do well and simultaneously learn everything you need to start your practice.

Participants often start with a great fear of visibility or doubt about whether they are up to the task. I am very happy to promise you that through the training, you will gain a lot of courage and self-confidence. You will discover readiness not only professionally but also, above all, personally.

You will also leverage additional knowledge to elevate your work to a higher level and learn how to take good care of yourself through your new profession.


Contemporary spirituality is an inner experience of complete connection, trust, and love towards spiritual guidance and all that is. Utilizing tools such as meditation, affirmations, energy work, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki, visualizations, working with symbols, qigong, yoga, sound baths, people can create a link between their inner experience and the outer reality. In this way, contemporary spirituality effectively opens spaces full of abundance and possibilities.

Do you already possess prior knowledge and are you trained as a therapist/coach/consultant? You can use the course as additional training if you wish to combine an exciting blend of several approaches and be able to create deeper processes with your clients. We will also discuss how you can combine what you have learned so far to differentiate yourself even further from other competitors in the market (key phrase: unique approach to practice).


The strong unity between contemporary spirituality and psychology provides an ideal framework to best accompany your client on the journey to their true essence. You will gain insights that you can apply to your work, your relationships, and all other areas of life. You will become acquainted with profound processes, coaching, energy techniques, therapeutic writing, Eastern philosophy, art therapy, neurographics, symbols of antiquity, and other approaches.

Would you like this training to be exclusively for you and not to be used professionally? Of course, please do. Keep in mind that this can change during the education - many people cannot get enough of new insights and decide to start their own practice after all. Throughout the training, you will primarily learn to take good care of yourself and those around you. You will strengthen courage and self-confidence, experience warm interaction among participants - healing wounds within a supportive circle. Especially women suffer greatly from constant pressure of competition. This training opens up a great space for love and security. The sense of belonging will strengthen your connection with yourself and all that is.

The profession that changes everything

For over 10 years, I have been honing my skills in the field of psychology, spirituality, energy techniques, and many other approaches. My desire is to culminate one segment of my journey with an original program and create a new integrative approach to psycho-spiritual support.

I have participated in numerous trainings and encountered various schools and approaches. I've noticed that often the essential part is missing - the part that truly guides you into action through understanding. There's an entire module for this in the Spiritual Integrative Coach® training.

You will also receive ample support from me as I want to encourage you to be who you truly are. I believe that BEING is more important than mere doing, and to be, we need to know ourselves.

Human longing for connection, healing, and love has never been greater than now, and the world of tomorrow precisely seeks you and your individual gift. The more wonderful beings realize their depth and power, the more ready the world will be to support creating a fulfilling life on all levels.

My program is for anyone interested in exploring the world of human souls and who wish to enrich their insights through deep knowledge: shamanic/spiritual, depth psychology, soul listening, art of conversation, writing, Japanese healing approach, etc. It offers the opportunity to professionally prepare for working with clients because expert verbal and spiritual non-verbal support can be used individually and in client work. After the training, you will have tools for healthy support in your hands and in your heart.

We learn and grow together in small groups online + a three-day experiential seminar my forest practice. Your individual knowledge of different personality structures will deepen - sometimes your "second sight" will awaken, allowing you to step beyond the visible and discover that energy also has its language.

Upon completion of the education, you will receive the title Spiritual Integrative Coach® Certified and the opportunity to become an independent expert collaborator in the InPoise network. On the way there, I will support you with the most important insights through wonderful teachings.

The course lasts for six months, and you will learn how to responsibly relate to clients, with love, and how you can utilize your personal strengths in designing your independent programs. You will also receive an initiation into the Reiki Master Symbol and another certificate (PDF) for Reiki Teacher - after passing the final exam.

I) Module

Definition and differentiation of the Spiritual Integrative Coach® methodology, initial tools for self-reflection and clarifying the status quo at the beginning of the coaching process. (Defining values, goal setting, basic psychopathological knowledge for clarifying clients' health status.)

II) Module

Fundamentals in Practice: Support in finding meaning or professional reorientation. Differentiating yourself as a support provider, decision-making, talent identification, etc. Therapeutic writing, neurographics, art therapy, working with dreams and images.

III) Module

Coaching for Relationship Building: Family, friendship, collegial, partnership-based. Psychodrama workshops, constellations based on Japanese methods.

Education Content

In addition to the theoretical part of self-study, we have monthly weekend meetings - online - live. These take place via video calls.


Bonus I REIKI INITIATION + TEACHER CERTIFICATE: Empower your deepest realms and introduce your clients to healing processes through the realm of universal divine energy.

Bonus II Extensive electronic learning content, Coaching Sheets, Reiki book with detailed methodology of all levels.

Bonus IIIBusiness structure with over 50 hours of prepared material.

IV) Module

Applicable and practically oriented spirituality: universal laws, chakra theory combined with psychoanalysis, Soundhealing, meditation, EFT, QiGong, divine restart, yoga, neurographics, and much more.

V) Module

Stress management and burnout prevention: mental training, coaching process analysis, resource management, trauma understanding, mindfulness training, work with symbols.

3-day experiential live seminar in Rodalben (optional).

VI) Module

Practical part. Marketing / launching and managing a business / self-presentation. Basics of internet marketing. Everything you need to know about starting your own business: where, when, and how to register?

My first psychology lecturers used to say that there would be incredible demand for helping professions because of the times we live in. That was over a decade ago. The demand is indeed high and will continue to grow over the next few years (stress disorders, more people seeking meaning, difficulty in building relationships with others, etc.). The truth is, there are just as many hairdressers in the market, and I witness that not all of them are as "good," yet they still have long waiting lists. More capable and skilled trainers, counselors, therapists are needed because only they will survive in the market.

Serve your niche because NO ONE is like you.

Turn your gift and your individual being into your business and let your light illuminate everything - you are needed. Be a leader in your field by building relationships of trust and expertise. That's what you need if you want to be taken seriously as an expert in your field, and then you will thrive in the work you love and be able to transmit it to your clients.


Your enrollment investment

(spring 2025)

- online - course

4.444 €

 - online - course + 3-day seminar in Rodalben

4888 €



After completing the course, you will receive a certificate. Certificates are issued in English and German.

The certificate will be sent to you electronically and by mail after the final weekend training.

Issuance of the certificate means that you legally meet all requirements for performing this activity according to German law.

Upon receiving the certificate, you become a registered member of the InPoise network and have the opportunity to become an active collaborator.

*Prerequisite for the certificate: You have participated in at least 4 out of 6 live weekends and completed at least 7 out of 12 practical sessions.

Enrollment Information

Spiritual Integrative Coach® 2025 course

Would you like to receive more information about the education? Are you wondering if it's right for you? After your registration, I will send you the complete education program and additional information in PDF format.

Course in english


Your Benefits

√ Valuable knowledge that you can use not only professionally but also for your own life and the lives of those close to you.

√ Unlike all other courses on the market, we have small groups (maximum of 15 participants). You are not one of 50 (sometimes even up to 1,000!) other participants with instructors who themselves have little or no practical experience and no time to hear and see you. Groups are personally supervised by Maja with her years of experience working with people, in the field of education, and with extensive experience as an independent psychologist, therapist, and trainer in her own practice.

√ Support: Direct contact with Maja throughout the entire training. Guaranteed response within 24 hours on working days.

√ Extremely high practical relevance. From the very beginning, you work with various training methods. So you can start with exciting life changes and insights already in the first module.

√ Special entrepreneurship module: here you will be prepared directly during the training. This is only available in this form at the InPoise® Network. You will have BONUS access to the entire business education.

√ All the tools you learn during the training can be directly used in your coaching practice.

√ With this training, you save time and money. Maja has attended a series of trainings, completed studies in Germany, specialized in a multimodal approach to working with clients, founded a center for psychological support and education, authored several books, and continues to further her education. She has invested over 48,000 euros in her education, and all this knowledge is now integrated into this training.

√ Grateful network of like-minded individuals. A space of trust that forms the basis for sustainable growth. In training groups, strangers become good friends.

How often will the education be held?

Enrollment is planned for the year 2025.

How long does the education last?

6 months of live training (online) and 1 year of total independent study.

I don't want to work as a coach, can I do the training for myself?

The Spiritual Integrative Coach® training is also designed for participants who do not wish to start their own business. You can use the training as a personal spiritual journey and self-development, doing something good for yourself and strengthening your resources.

What is the scope of the training material?

During the training, which consists of live online sessions for 2 days each month and a 3-day seminar in Rodalben, you will receive the following materials:

- Workbooks
- Additional PDFs and work materials from various fields for download
- Video and audio recordings for self-study
- Resources in the form of an electronic library with over 200 titles. You get first-hand access to several years' worth of learning, not only saving money but also a lot of time.

Admission Requirements for the Education

Minimum Age: 24 years
Personality and communication skills necessary for qualifying for a people-oriented consulting profession.
Experience in consulting professions is an advantage, as well as already learned methods.
Acceptance of the General Terms of Employment with the InPoise® center

NOTE: When you submit your application, we will put you on the waiting list for the round starting in 2025. When the dates are determined, you will receive an email from me. Then we will arrange for an optional informational call (20 minutes) to clarify your questions and get acquainted. Also, please check your spam folder, as mail can often get lost.

To apply, please fill out the form on the page.

After that, you will receive information and all necessary details from me.

Is installment payment possible?

Payment in installments is possible with a surcharge of 5%.

The following conditions apply (from October 1, 2023):

1. The total amount increases by 5%.
2. A deposit of 700 euros is payable upon registration, within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

3. The installment is due by the 1st of the month. Payment can be made in 5 monthly installments, ending on the corresponding date stated on the invoice.

Can I contact you during and after the training?

During the education, I am available to all my students via email on weekdays. Small groups are also practical for this type of work because you can exchange ideas with other participants between our live online meetings. I am deeply touched by the fact that very deep friendships always form within the groups I lead.

Can I work as a Coach immediately after the course, or do I need additional certifications?

The Spiritual Integrative Coach® training is designed so that you can start your own business immediately after completing it. I will provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to launch your practice.

You can start your own independent practice worldwide and work in this profession, while in Austria coaching is regarded as a commercial activity and therefore subject to trade regulations. It is expressly reserved in the professional profiles of business consulting, life coaching, and social consulting. Therefore, independent coaching is reserved for these professional groups. A special qualification certificate is required for a trade license. The Spiritual Integrative Coach® training does not cover this, and in this case, in Austria, it may be considered as a supplement to the training of life, social advisors, psychologists, etc.

No additional certificates are required for self-employment because the profession of coach is not protected - but training, especially knowledge about the difference between coaching and psychotherapy, and supervised practical experience, should be essential for every coach for moral reasons.

I work full-time, can I participate in the training despite my job?

The training is specially designed for participants who work full-time. This means you can definitely focus on your job, while also dealing with new learning content.

On average, you can plan around 3-5 hours per week for education. Approximately 15-18 hours per month.

Depending on whether you prefer to study regularly or would rather learn everything at once in one block. Between all live sessions, you have 4-5 weeks for self-study. The point is not to "memorize" the entire content. It depends on your development as a coach and your ability to respond to people and their needs in a grateful and responsible manner.

Is the training suitable for me if I have already completed another coaching course?


Participants who complete the training:

a) already have their own therapy or coaching practice

b) have already completed training, for example, as yoga or social therapists, alternative practitioners for psychotherapy, or in the field of human design, for example.

This training is also very suitable as a combined training course because the most important thing here is to learn to combine different approaches to provide your clients with the best possible individual care. Absolutely unique program.

Who the training is NOT suitable for/what the training does not include:

The training is not for people who want to help others but are unwilling to look at and work on their own issues.

This training is primarily about self-awareness and supporting people in a confidential and responsible manner in sustainable processes that achieve success and do not make clients dependent on (gurus).

The training is also not for people who approach the coaching profession with an attitude of "get rich quick".

I wouldn't exactly describe myself as spiritual/yet at the beginning of my spiritual journey – is the training suitable for me?

A wonderful aspect of the training is that each participant discovers it from their own starting point. You don't need any prior knowledge; you will learn everything you need during the education.

You will also learn "applicable, everyday spirituality" so you don't necessarily have to work through spirituality in your job, but you can also apply spiritual knowledge with very rational people.

Personally, for example, I work with many men, managers, and management consultants and often use Eastern philosophy in combination with psychoanalysis (training content). Everyone can always logically understand what I'm talking about.

Planned Start of Education:
- 2025

Duration of Education:
- 6 months of live training (online) and 1 year of total self-learning

Your Monthly Commitment:
- Approximately 3 - 5 hours of independent learning per week
- 1 live weekend session of 2 days per month (9:00 - 15:30)
- Practical component between live lectures (2 hours)

Certified as a Spiritual Integrative Coach®.

Years of Experience:
Since 2014, I have been actively conducting seminars for women, retreat programs, and workshops. I have over 3000 hours of personal education, over 1000 hours of work with trainees and clients, and since May 2020, I have trained 12 groups in business education and over 120 women to become confident and determined entrepreneurs. Starting this year, I offer all my knowledge integrated into an original program.

  • online 

Lectures via video meetings. This format offers you flexibility and access to recordings. Very useful if you are unable to attend one or more weekends + in combination with self-study: learn when and where you want - regardless of location and time zone.

  • Learn and grow in a small group

To me, you are not a number, but a being with many gifts. I want to personally accompany you on this journey with other participants to optimally highlight your strengths. This gives you space to nurture your confidence.

  • Career prospects:

Work as a support to people or combine training with other approaches, such as therapy coaching, couple coaching, parenting coaching, yoga coaching, HR workshops or management training, human design counseling, nutrition counseling, psychotherapy, counseling, physiotherapy, meditation teaching, and much more.

  • Your investment:

€4,444 one-time payment or up to 5 installments. €4,888 if you wish to attend a three-day experiential seminar in Rodalben.

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