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dipped in the ink of my soul, I leave traces ... I stole my grandfather's pencils, scribbled on the wallpaper and books from the home library, until I saw my letters and heroes in the newspaper for the first time. my closeness today is wonderful, wild, full of unsolved stories that should be told and wonderful people that I love to gather with a cup of tea around the world ...

Everything we seek is already within us.

At the age of 12, while I was discovering the world, I published my stories for the first time in a newspaper. As a student, I started my first blog and was a freelance journalist. To date, I have written two novels and six collections, many of which have been translated into German and represented in various anthologies. For me, writing is a reflection, a way of life and my essence.

I like to listen, learn, read and travel. I like to reflect on the scenes of life and watch for signs along the way. My journey had a big turning point and there is a reason why I chose to work with people from all over the world today. I believe we are all unique and capable of creating something wonderful.

Almost 10 years ago I left my 9 to 5 job and decided to step out of the “mold”. Like many others I worked with, I wasn’t entirely happy and satisfied. There was always something missing. Pushing myself to the maximum and striving to meet imposed standards, I found that I was becoming more and more lonely and unfulfilled. That is where my journey of self-discovery and personal growth began. In 2014, my road to self-discovery took me to Germany, where I was encouraged to learn and expand my knowledge. I became more curious about psychology (business & energy) and decided to study in the same field.

I have come to know the scientific and alternative sides of approaches to the problems preached by many popular psychologists with whom I have subsequently perfected some of my knowledge. Once we experience the freedom, ease and beauty of living, there are no boundaries to our dreams and capabilities. I love creativity and for me it’s the strongest passion and best healing method.


When you look at the essence, the ultimate goal of all people is happiness, as we professionally call it psychological health. Has anyone ever taught you how to be happy? My practice is based on grounded and positive psychological methods, energy therapy and is aimed at helping clients build a quality life by making big changes. My goal is to find a genuine approach to each client in an empathetic, warm and secure way. Through work I show my clients that what has been learned is good, but change and growth is much better.

I am a child of the East and West and a warrior of the light, here to share that our strength is found in the moments of suffering...if we have the courage to lean IN. I founded the Blue healing method® ~ a meditative method to shift from stress to serenity ~ to support YOU on this Path of Awakening.

Are you ready for transformation beyond your wildest dreams?

I invite you to walk alongside me on this path of ultimate freedom, boundless love and authentic happiness. I’ll guide you one step, one breath at a time.



memberships and certificates

- Member of VFP -

I am a member of the German Association of Independent Psychotherapists, Alternative Psychotherapists and Psychological Consultants e.V., as well as the International Association for Meridian Therapy.
  • Primordiale Energie Aktivierung und Transzendenz - Deep Peat Processor
  • Meridian therapy practitioner
  • Energy Psychology practitioner
  • Access Bars practitioner
  • Therapeutic story writing


The only road we have to take is the one towards ourselves.


time gates, gifts and insights ...


when the longings itch, I pack my soul in a suitcase and go barefoot ...


seven circles to the fifth ray of the Sun ...


depth ... you & me philosophizing around the world and accidentally spilling tea that paints the roads ...


the blue depths of the self that I collect on the shores of the world ... I always return to one for years ... I need to learn how to stay ...

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Maslačak nošen vetrom

Sonja je na putu otkrivanja sebe i svoje ženstvenosti srela muškarca koji će otključati najdublje i najmisterioznije odaje njene duše. Bol, potraga, ljubav, strast, daleke destinacije i odluka koja vodi kroz katarzu oslobođenja neće vas ostaviti na miru dok ne otkrijete u kojim se delovima vi prepoznajete.


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Put u središte duše

Roman o porodici, ljubavi, misterijama i dva vremena. Prošlost i budućnost povezane jednom ženom i njenim knjigama. Može li se pobeći od sebe? Pobeđuje li istina?

Otkriće vam Sonja i Mia.

Roman je nastavak romana ,,Maslačak nošen vetrom”

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A šta kad zveri šapuću

Žene kriju najveće odgovore.

Žene pokreću pitanja koja sakrivaju odgovore.

Zbirka kolumni pisanih za Wannabe magazin.



Jednom kad opet budemo pecali

Kaleidoskop sećanja. Miris ravnice i porodice. Oblak na kom se najlepše sanja i surova realnost koja na kraju otvori karte ljubavi, života u daljini, nacionalizma i onog što pobeđuje.

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Anima Healing Dnevnik

Anima Healing Dnevnik je vodič za lični i duhovni rast koji na drugačiji način otvara pitanja i zadatke za svakog polaznika.

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Ispričaj mi priču

Zbirka priča kreirana je kroz projekat ,,Ispričaj mi priču” u kom je učestvovalo nekoliko autora.



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