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I’m Maja Vukovic and I’m a certified clinical Meridian therapist, also part of ISA's Korean team registered in Russia and mentor for therapeutic & creative writing.

I like to listen, learn, read, travel and there is a reason why I chose choaching to work with people from all over the world today. I have used all methods for myself and to help many others overcome their fears, lose weight, restore healthy self-esteem, re-learn to love themselves and rediscover the heartbeat of happiness. I also help high achieving but stuck business owners reprogram their life and create easiest their business.
  • What is energy psychology?

    Energy Psychology / Meridian Therapy is a clinical technique rooted in neuroscience, psychology and holistic health used to effectively treat over 150 different symptoms and conditions. Energy Therapy techniques produce change by gaining access to the energy system of the body through the complex network of meridians or channels that move our life force or qi through our bodies. The theory states that once there is a build-up of emotional or physiological distress, one of these pathways, or meridians, becomes blocked and must be cleared, cleaned out, strengthened, or aligned, in order for healing to occur.

  • Areas of Specialty

    Anxiety & Stress - Career Success - Relationship Strategies - Weight Loss - Fears & Phobias - Habit Control

  • My Approach

    My practice is based on grounded and positive psychological methods and is aimed at helping clients build a quality life by making big changes. Through work I show my clients that what has been learned is good, but change and growth is much better.

Why and how energy psychology works

Healing yourself emotionally is undoubtedly the greatest gift you could ever give yourself!

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The Most Important Steps To Follow

Self-love is not a “nice-to-have”

Each session is an intensive training for emotional freedom and client transformation. You will gain absolute trust in the process by noticing your own values, strength and desires. You will feel calmer, more relaxed and we will remove your limiting beliefs allowing you to make decisions clearly, focused and with a clear vision. The methods I apply combine the most effective elements such as energy psychology, Korean Meridian therapy, hypnotherapy, CBT, Deep Peat and more.

Self-love is a "must-have"

During the sessions, I introduce you deeply into a relaxed state of mind, helping you to enter your subconscious, which contains all the answers to the origin of the problems that lead you to seek the help of a certified therapist. If you are worried about losing control during the process, there is no reason! Relax, because you have control at all times during the session.


Once you become aware of your deepest beliefs, patterns, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding you back, you and I as your therapist will embark on a journey of understanding, reprogramming, and transformation. Together we will transform them into new and empowering versions that will release the innate strength of your mind and body with the goal of achieving the desired results and success in your life.

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