Hey, I'm Maja!

Psychological counselor, Author, Coach

Born in Sombor in 1981. I spent my entire childhood reading books and writing. People always ask me what it's like to write a book, but I still don't have an answer. Writing is either you are, or you are not. I wrote two novels and several collections of stories. After graduating and gaining an initial ten years of work experience, I went to Germany in 2014 to live and do my new degree. I was drawn to Mainz for my psychology education.

During my studies, I realized: I want to help people. I wanted to find a solution – a solution-oriented way! I want to make people strong before the illness. I specialized in prevention in a multimodal approach.

In the eight years that followed, I was able to gain a lot of experience in what it means to advise companies in such a way that employees and managers are mentally healthy, efficient, and satisfied.



Our common way
Find your way back to a fulfilled life by finding your inner self - your happiness is within reach!


To journey inward is our highest calling.

I have always been passionate about the stories, fears, dreams, and thoughts of those around me, and the influence of the social and cultural realm in which they evolve. Psychological counselling is aimed at people of all ages who want to work on themselves and strengthen their resources in order to preserve, reinforce, or restore their mental health. 


Who can benefit from psychological counseling in nature?

It is aimed at people of all ages who want to work on themselves and strengthen their resources to preserve or reinforce their mental health. There are some cases in which the psychological support I offer can be of benefit to you:

  • As a mother/woman, you always feel overwhelmed.

  • You often feel insecure and feel that you are not enough. Not for your children, for your partner, and not for you either.

  • Role change: from wife to mother

  • Inner child: Themes from your biography that accompany you and that want to be seen.
  • If you want to give yourself this gift in prevention in order to take care of your mental health
  • You want to be there for yourself more and strengthen your self-confidence. And let your bond wounds heal.
  • If you need or want to talk to someone in a professional setting without any judgement

All you need to do is book your 3 days retreat. We will then discuss what made you take this step and establish a plan to achieve your goals.

You have the right to change your life and really enjoy it. You have suppressed your feelings for far too long and thereby lost the ease in life.


Albert Einstein

Have you decided to meet yourself emotionally in a new way?
Let's discover a new path together

CHANGE ... you want to unleash and free yourself.

Each session is intensive training for emotional freedom and client transformation. You will gain absolute trust by noticing your values, strength, and desires. You will feel calmer and more relaxed, and we will remove your limiting beliefs allowing you to make focused decisions with a clear vision.

CLARITY … you are fed up with your own excuses!

We use exercises in which you get a feeling for yourself again during the sessions or afterwards. You will draw, brainstorm, role play, laugh, cry. You will get to know yourself better and trust more. The counseling will help you with its combination of talks, challenging and insightful exercises, and a change of perspective.

SELF-RESPONSIBILITY ... you have understood that only YOU can change your life positively.

Once you become aware of your deepest beliefs, patterns, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors holding you back, you and I, as your counselor, will embark on a journey of understanding, reprogramming, and transformation. I am your companion during the process - I ask you questions, motivate you to self-reflection and give you a change of perspective so that you can get close to YOUR goal as quickly and effectively as possible.


WHERE WILL WE MEET? Rodalben is a beautiful place in the heart of the forest. (Pfalz, Germany). The individual program is a luxury where you get my time only for yourself. The only way we should go is the way to ourselves. During the retreat, we stay in the heart of the forest in a beautiful house. We attach great importance to the detox of the mind, soul and body, so alcohol and cigarettes are prohibited during the program. You can book an Individual Retreat at any time of the year according to available dates.


The price is €1450 INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: The integrative personalized program, workshops, self awareness in nature. Breakfast and dinner in accommodation, lunch in nature. Overnight stay. Materials and accessories for the entire program NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Arrival and departure are organized by you. Travel health insurance.


In contact with nature, you will discover the deepest knowledge about yourself

Preparation is key to a successful retreat. During the program, I will be your support along the way. Before participating, I will send you a short questionnaire. Our sessions are held in a natural environment. Different methods are used in the program. During the sessions, it is possible for intense perceptions and the deepest knowledge about oneself, life, neighbors, and the environment to emerge, because through connecting with nature, powerful insights into the inner Self are gained that facilitate access to the unconscious.

After all the processes, we take time to reflect on the experiences and insights so that we can flow into the flow of our life. Special integration work is planned for this at the end of each day


How to reach me

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Retrain your thoughts and energy to attract exactly what you want into your life
Become a magnet for magic
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Restart your Anima

I started this journey when I could no longer enter and exit my own body, as from an empty room. The energy I had drawn from the land of my ancestors was being extinguished by the discord of my thoughts and body, overloaded by too much information. On this journey, I started barefoot, with an empty heart and a wounded Anima.

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