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I have always been passionate about the stories, fears, dreams, and thoughts of those around me, and the influence of the social and cultural realm in which they evolve. I have a integrative approach with a variety of techniques to help you discover yourself and learn or strengthen different ressources that will allow you to live your life as well as possible and to preserve, restore, or build up a good mental health.

Who can benefit from integrative counselling?

Integrative counselling is aimed at people of all ages who want to work on themselves and strengthen their resources in order to preserve, reinforce, or restore their mental health. There are three cases in which the psychological support I offer can be of benefit to you:

  •  If you suffer from anxiety, depressive states, difficulties in relationships, emotional difficulties, stress, or anything else that has an impact on your well-being

  •  If you want to give yourself this gift in prevention in order to take care of your mental health

  • If you need or want to talk to someone in a professional setting, without any judgement

All you need to do is make an appointment for an online session. We will then talk about what made you take this step and establish a plan together to achieve your goals.

Healing yourself emotionally is undoubtedly the greatest gift you could ever give yourself! We all need more sunlight & more unashamed conversation.

The Most Important Steps To Follow

Self-love is not a “nice-to-have”

Each session is an intensive training for emotional freedom and client transformation. You will gain absolute trust in the process by noticing your own values, strength and desires. You will feel calmer, more relaxed and we will remove your limiting beliefs allowing you to make decisions clearly, focused and with a clear vision.

Self-love is a "must-have"

During the sessions, I introduce you deeply into a relaxed state of mind, helping you to enter your subconscious, which contains all the answers to the origin of the problems that lead you to seek the help of a certified therapist. If you are worried about losing control during the process, there is no reason! Relax, because you have control at all times during the session.


Once you become aware of your deepest beliefs, patterns, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding you back, you and I as your counselor will embark on a journey of understanding, reprogramming, and transformation. Together we will transform them into new and empowering versions that will release the innate strength of your mind and body with the goal of achieving the desired results and success in your life.

Unfortunately, I’ve got to let you know that I’m not taking 1:1 clients at this time.

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