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I only work on individual processes with clients who care about their mental health. It is an intense process of turning the unconscious into the conscious.

NOTE: “Mental health” does not refer to the absence of mental illness. It is about moving forward emotionally and psychologically and achieving a sense of well-being.

Deciding to work for yourself is an opportunity to travel to the center of your soul and to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Through a deeper knowledge of our entrenched belief systems and how we are conditioned by life, we begin to discover a new way of life with unbridled confidence and an empowered presence. When you become aware of the unconscious processes, you will find that your hardest moments are hiding the keys to the solution.

Mental fitness is built by working on oneself. Mental fitness is a formal practice of mindfulness and your portal for learning about the inner life of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. Through work, you begin to align with your innate capacity for alchemical peace, power and presence.

The modern science of psychology supports what the ancient yogis have known for years – that meditation, yoga, and change of thought, release the inner resources available to us in the depths of our being. The science of mind, body, and heart is a strong reconciliation of Eastern spiritual philosophy and Western science.

Everything you know comes from your primary families, culture and upbringing.

My principle is based on changing emotions and behavior through a continuous process of deep personal healing and growth.

I apply holistic, psychological evidence and action-oriented techniques that inevitably lead us to change:

PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING – Are there any questions you can’t find answers to? Don’t know how to get started and achieve your goals? What if everything is easier than it looks? What can you do / be / feel if you choose yourself today? Counseling topics are broad in scope: goals, emotions, problems, relationships, finances, focus, etc. / Online session 60 min.

COACHING – Awaken to the evolution of the soul with psycho-emotional-energy release techniques catalyzing growth in all areas of your life. Practice managing energy in all life situations using skills specifically designed for personal growth and deep healing, empowering yourself to direct your life force toward greater awareness every moment. A commitment of weekly sessions of at least 2 months (a total of 8 sessions) is needed for new clients to establish an emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual foundation. / Online session 60 min.

DEEP PEAT – integrates deep polarities or opposites in the human being, achieving a dual benefit: improving the quality of daily life and accelerating spiritual evolution. Deep PEAT eliminates our problems. Problems consist of repressed thoughts and emotions that we call “charges.” Deep PEAT integrates Primordial Polarities. It is a pair of polarities in us that has more charge than other polarities. They determine our perception, personality and behavior more than any other single element in our unconscious. / Online session 30-60 min.

ACCESS BARS – With a light touch, we activate 32 dots on the head that represent one of the important areas of our lives (love, money, sex, relationships, communication, body, control, structure, creativity, sadness). These points store the electromagnetic components of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, emotions, thoughts, decisions, and beliefs you have ever had about anything. Access Bars gives you the ability to let go of everything and find your inner peace, simplicity and ease. / These sessions are only done in person.

The results are visible quickly, and they last.

I work with a limited number of clients per month. If you would like to work with me, please sign up using the application form below.

I believe in energy medicine and neuro-associative learning, and know that it works and helps us reach our fullest potential.

Everything we seek is already within us.


Maja Wu

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