About me

At the age of 12, while I was discovering the world, I published my stories for the first time in a newspaper. As a student, I started my first blog and was a freelance journalist. To date, I have written two novels and six collections, many of which have been translated into German and represented in various anthologies. For me, writing is a reflection, a way of life and my essence.

I like to listen, learn, read and travel. I like to reflect on the scenes of life and watch for signs along the way. My journey had a big turning point and there is a reason why I chose to work with people from all over the world today. I believe we are all unique and capable of creating something wonderful.

A few years ago I left my 9 to 5 job and decided to step out of the “mold”. Like many others I worked with, I wasn’t entirely happy and satisfied. There was always something missing. Pushing myself to the maximum and striving to meet imposed standards, I found that I was becoming more and more lonely and unfulfilled. That is where my journey of self-discovery and personal growth began.

In 2014, my road to self-discovery took me to Germany, where I was encouraged to learn and expand my knowledge. I found that by reading psychology books I became more curious about the topic and decided to study in the same field.

I have come to know the scientific and alternative sides of approaches to the problems preached by many popular psychologists with whom I have subsequently perfected some of my knowledge.

Once we experience the freedom, ease and beauty of living, there are no boundaries to our dreams and capabilities. I love creativity and for me it’s the strongest passion and best healing method.


We have been taught a great deal, books from all fields and teachings of various world-renowned philosophers and psychotherapists are made available to us. What they haven’t taught us is how to use our minds and create the emotions we want.

When you look at the essence, the ultimate goal of all people is happiness, as we professionally call it psychological health. Has anyone ever taught you how to be happy?

We have been taught to visit a psychologist only when we have mental issues, or when we are sick. It is believed that psychologists are only there because of the negatives like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, etc. No one taught us that we should also visit a psychologist when we want to gain mental strength and improve our lives.

My practice is based on grounded and positive psychological methods and is aimed at helping clients build a quality life by making big changes. My goal is to find a genuine approach to each client in an empathetic, warm and secure way. Through work I show my clients that what has been learned is good, but change and growth is much better.




Maja Wu

The only road we have to take is the one towards ourselves.

Certified Counsellor                         THE ACADEMY OF MODERN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY     

Deep Peat Processor                         Prof. Živorad M. Slavinski

Access Bars Practitioner                    Access Consciousness

Psychologische Beraterin                   Studien Darmstadt 

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